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TRIUMPH Сattery — Canadian Sphynx Kittens from Russia!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome You to the website of the TRIUMPH professional cattery (formerly the Canadian Sphynx cattery). The closed-type cattery is located in Velikiye Luki, Pskov region, Russia, and our kittens can come to any place in Russia or any other country in the world.

Our cattery is officially registered in the BAST CENTER (WAC World Association Cats) — the international Association of cat lovers.

Our passion for the Sphinx breed started recently, and very quickly filled our lives and hearts with the wonder of this incredible breed! Canadian Sphinx Kittens grow in our house with all attention, love and tenderness. When they leave home, they are ready to become an integral part of Your life, well socialized in a family environment.

Sphinxes are creative, inquisitive, surprisingly affectionate and loyal breed that delight everyone with their innovation. Playful temperament and hyperreactivity, striking intelligence, attachment and other features of Sphinxes distinguish them from other breeds.

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Kitten LUCAS
Kitten LUCAS Price on Request Kitten born for love. Lucas captivates with its softness, warmth and charming character. Status - free for reservation.
Kitten SIMBA
Kitten SIMBA Price on Request Kitten Simba - it was simply impossible to come up with a different name for this bright and effective kitten. Falls in love at first sight. The nature of the real sphinx. Status - free for reservation.
Kitten SAFAR
Kitten SAFAR Price on Request Safar - a small, charming handsome man. Touching and tender child. Bright, active. Status - free for reservation.
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