How to Buy a Kitten?

Please read the terms and conditions for the purchase of Canadian Sphynx kittens in the TRIUMPH cattery.

Our kittens have a full package of documents (pedigree, veterinary passport, contract, recommendations for grooming and feeding). We will help arrange the delivery of the kitten to another city, delivery is paid by the buyer.

For buyers, we regularly provide new photos and videos of kids.

Moving to a new home and vaccinations

All kittens sold as a pet (without the right to breed) are subject to mandatory castration or sterilization.

What determines the price of a kitten?

First of all, it depends on the type of animal, its quality, blood, color, purpose of acquisition, supply and demand, and wishes of the breeder himself.

If you change your mind about buying a kitten — the deposit will not be returned.

The Canadian sphynx and the price of a kitten are a matter of concern to all future owners, it depends on the class of kitten. it can be a show — a class (for exhibitions and breeding), a brid class (for breeding) and a pet class, what we say is home, on a pillow. One thing we will tell you for sure — it will be the most beautiful and beloved for you, the most — the most …

Look in the section «Kittens» on our website. Come to the exhibitions and look into these magical eyes “live”. just pick up a kitten … Probably for joy you can buy a yacht and jewelry and expensive paintings … But if you return home and your treasure does not meet you with an indignant: «Meow, I missed you so much !!!» you will not find something in this life.come to us, get acquainted with our cats of the breed Canadian Sphynx and choose your most precious treasure.

Kittens photos