Kittens sold

Kitten DEMI
Kitten DEMI TRIUMPH DEMI kitten of breed the canadian Sphynx. The sweetest child, affectionate, playful. Color blue. Status - sold. More Info
Kitten LUCAS
Kitten LUCAS Kitten born for love. Lucas captivates with its softness, warmth and charming character. Status - sold. More Info
Kitten SIMBA
Kitten SIMBA Kitten Simba - it was simply impossible to come up with a different name for this bright and effective kitten. Falls in love at first sight. The nature of the real sphinx. Status - sold. More Info
Cat GERMES Cat GERMES - manufacturer. Young promising cat. Remains to work in the nursery. Very affectionate, loves any attention. Status - sold. More Info
Kitten SAFAR
Kitten SAFAR Safar - a small, charming handsome man. Touching and tender child. Bright, active. Status - sold. More Info
Kitten SAPFIR Kitten SAPFIR is a wonderful boy, fast, agile, but incredibly gentle. The first one meets, climbs on the handles and it is already impossible to leave him. Status - sold. More Info